At Blax Stag Tea every sip matters. We've taken pride in every blend, holding true to the thought that attention to detail still counts, excellence resides in solidity and masculinity is found not just in the aroma but the body of man. 
Live life unleashed and do so with unbridled taste, burnished style and an unbroken commitment to being fully engaged in every facet of life, whether in leisure, pleasure or purpose. 
R.W. Bray is the founder and CEO of Blax Stag Tea, an all-natural and energy packed tea company costumed primarily to the needs of men who live intentional lives.
R.W. started drinking tea while deployed in the middle east as a coffee substitute. In search of an all natural boost without the side affects typically accompanied with caffeine enriched drinks, tea became R.W.'s go to beverage, keeping him engaged and ready in a 24/7 operation while in theatre. Today, he's taken that necessity and turned into a niche to engage men's multiple lifestyles and interest of concerns. 
Blax Stag Tea is more than just a cup of tea, it's an experience, an investment into self, one's hearers and the company kept. To that end, a portion of the proceeds from every Blax Stag Tea purchase supports programs that are dedicated to engaging men of service i.e., military, first responders, finance & government.
Join the PACK today and order the blend that best fits your lifestyle and personal needs. #stagswag